This image series is taken in the Mittelrhein Museum in my home town, Koblenz, Germany. Before the museum moved into new building in 2012, a series of exhibitions was held that presented objects that in many cases have not been on public display for many years. I was intrigued to learn that, like many other museums, the Mitterhein Museum too had it's origin in the donation of a private collection. The collector Pastor Joseph Gregor Lang bequeathed his collection of paintings to the city upon his death in 1834.

Thinking about photographic images of museum spaces always reflects on the nature of photography itself. Both, museum display and the photographic image re-present their subject in chosen compositions –by necessity– from a subjective angle. The series Museum Clausum Parallax presents image pairs that are taken from different angles of the same exhibition space. Similar to the idea of juxtaposing different styles of photography as in Museum Clausum, Now and Then, in both cases the result is an emphasis on the subjective artificiality of both the curatorial and the photographic composition.