"This unique private collection is my all time favourite. The result of years of voracious collecting by two collectors is a house in which every corner in every room is brimming with well and truly marvellous –and forever changing– object arrangements. Certainly a match for many public collections and house museums, at Malplaquet House the domestic non institutional freedom, paired with the collectors' sometimes vicious sense of humour results in a massive cabinet of curiosities full of playful compositions of curious objects of beauty with objects of death. I love spending time in this house and photographing the collection. Even though in this private context it would be possible, I never rearrange any objects for the photographs; to me, such house collections are to be looked at as ‘installations’ and I can only consider the resulting images as a collaboration between the collectors and me. In the book 'Cabinets of Curiosities' Patrick Mauries, reminds on the fact that the obsessive collecting that resulted in some of the earliest grand ‘Wunderkammern’ such as the collection of the Habsburg Kaiser Kaiser Rudolf II, the ‘Sammelkaiser’, was seen as equally ‘childish’ and intellectual which resulted in the expression of the collector as ‘Senex Puerilis’, the ‘aged child’. As this pairing of intellect and ‘childish’ playfulness is such a strong element of the Malplaquet House collection –the collectors will forgive me– that I entitled this entire series 'Senex Puerilis'. I look forward to my next visit and hope to be able to realise a portfolio in book form some time in the not too distant future... "