Welcome panel with three prints of Vid Ingelevic's 'Camera Obscured'.

Left: Valery Katsuba. Centre wall: Karl Grimes.

Left: Karl Grimes. Centre: Karen Knorr. Centre right: four prints from' Camera Obscured'.Right: two prints by Matt Stuart.

Salon hang of: Museum CLausum, 'Now and Then'.

Salon hang of: Museum CLausum, 'Now and Then'.

Mixed salon hang.

Mixed salon hang.


Louise Lawler

Right: Patrick and Tristram Fetherstonghaugh


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Holden Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, England, (March 2014 - May 2014). Featuring works by: Mark Dion, Jonathan Faiers, Patrick and Tristram Fetherstonhaugh, Andrew Grassie, Karl Grimes, Vid Ingelevics, Valery Katsuba, Karen Knorr, Louise Lawler, Stuart Leech/Dulwich Picture Gallery, Richard Ross, Traer Scott, Matt Stuart and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

The exact same 'collection' made for Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery was taken over by the Holden Gallery. During the duration of the exhibition, works were 're-curated' and hung within different contexts by the gallery's curators.

Click here for some records of the re-hanging (click the 'here' link at the bottom of the text of the Holden site for several pages of records!)

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